Jindy. It's like Cindy, but with a J.

The radio edit: I'm a modern-day super (nerd) woman with a vintage heart. 

The extended remix version: I am a music & film lover, art & pin collector, Disneyland regular, sports junkie, runner, DIYer, foodie, bargain hunting fashionista, pop culture nerd & runDisney fan. I'm also a baseball stadium & wine connoisseuse, saxophone player and wannabe professional swing dance champion. Tambien hablo español.

With a background in design, multimedia communications & marketing, I started blogging anonymously 11 years ago, but took a break when anonymity became obsolete. Having won a creative writing award as a teenager, my love of writing wouldn't allow me to remain in the shadows. Eventually, I rekindled the old blog flame, and now write about my new adventures and taking the time to smell (or paint) the roses. 

Origin Story: I began my career in graphic design while still a student of Multimedia Communications and quickly found that design opened the door to several other creative outlets. Soon, I was working in administration, marketing and trade show management. With the birth of daughter, and a brief out-of-state move, I began a new career in publishing, freelance writing and event planning. 

For years, I managed to maintain an anonymous blog and ghost write, while simultaneously being a single mamma and furthering my professional career. Throughout my career I've been blessed to hold important positions (Municipal Services Assistant, Passport Technician, Business Operations Manager, Office Manager, Event Coordinator, Executive Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Barista) in exciting industries (Action Sports, Hospitality, Publishing, Design, Education, Customer Service, Local Government) while still nurturing my love of social media and writing. I've worked with children & high-profile clients, and have planned large-scale private events. Always exceeding expectations, my strong work ethic has given me the reputation of being the gal to call when you need a job done right.

Education. Sports. Media. Hospitality. Customer Service. Public Service. It sounds crazy that one person wants to work in all of those various industries, but I have done it and continue to do so. Those are my passions. When I am not writing at Flowers Croon, I am hard at work in one (or more) of those arenas. 

Stuff I love: I also enjoy dirt biking, sarcasm, Hawaii, movies, getting tattooed, culture, head banging, roller coasters, travel, people watching and photography. I am passionate about reading, education, imagination, art & giving back. I'm fascinated by swing dance, super heroes, candy shops, animation, theme parks, comic books, technology, Dweezil Zappa, 1920s-1960s & pastry chefs.

I am blessed to live in Northern California where I share my life with these two incredible people:

Todd, Man of Mystery

Todd, Man of Mystery

Starlight, Lady of Adventure

Starlight, Lady of Adventure

You can reach me via email or the social media links below. Please feel free to email me at jindy@flowerscroon.com for a media kit or just to chat. 

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