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'Ama 'Ama Review: Lunch at Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa

During our last trip to Hawaii, I couldn't wait to take my sweetheart to Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa, for lunch. We had already been on the island of Oahu for a few days, first on the North Shore for work then in Waikiki for fun. When our friends heard where we going, they were excited and joined us on the quick drive to Ko Olina for a day at Disney - Hawaii style. See, everyone has a Disney Side!

Named after a delicious local fish, 'Ama 'Ama is Disney beachside dining at its best. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and featuring a full bar, it has become my favorite dining location at Aulani. The food fuses traditional Hawaiian tastes with modern touches, and the menu is varied enough to please everyone. The decor is very natural, with a modern and clean twist - featuring lots of wood, stone and natural appearing materials. The entrance and hostess area are open and inviting. I especially loved being able to grab a flower from the bowl to place in my hair.

Hostess' Desk

Hostess' Desk

The wine display is an excellent example of the clean, natural decor throughout the restaurant. The wine selection is fairly decent, although "resort priced". 

I love this wine bottle display

I love this wine bottle display

The four of us were seated close to the "window" area where we had a clear view of the ocean and could feel a beautiful breeze. The seating throughout the entire restaurant is open and spacious. You never feel closed-in or claustrophobic. I really appreciate that!

The gents are either discussing work or their #DisneySide

The gents are either discussing work or their #DisneySide

The views from Ama Ama are simply stunning. I can only imagine what the sunsets must be like!

The view from our table at Ama Ama

The view from our table at Ama Ama

I ordered the fish tacos. Grilled with the fresh local catch of the day, not fried, the fish tacos are not to be missed. The fresh salsa topping is refreshing, bright and fragrant. I love a fish taco that holds its texture, and these fish tacos do just that. The tortilla is not wet or soggy and better yet, the fish is cooked perfectly. I opted for a side salad and really enjoyed my lunch.

All of the men ordered the Kālua-roasted Pulled Pork Sandwich in Steamed Rice Buns with fries. In keeping true to creative cuisine, each sandwich on the plate is a different experience, with different toppings and cultural twists. The gents all loved their lunches and commented on the uniqueness of the dish. 

In total, lunch plus cocktails for a party of four was about $100 - which our friend graciously paid as his thanks for a fun day at Aulani. Always the Disney tour guide, I enjoyed bringing them here and exploring the resort with them. 

If you are visiting the island of Oahu, take a quick drive to Ko Olina and check out Aulani for yourself. You won't be disappointed. In fact, you'll find yourself coming back.

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