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Say Yes to the Prom Dress

An amazing thing happened today. Yes, more amazing than the Super Bowl. Today, on the first try, my daughter said YES to the dress. Prom 2015 - we are ready for you. Thank you very much.

One of the beautiful dresses she tried on.

One of the beautiful dresses she tried on.

After our experience last year at a large bridal shop in Campbell that overcharged us by $200 on a dress the second they saw my daughter's eyes light up, we decided we needed to go elsewhere this year. She did her research online regarding dress styles and options, and we made our way down south to Gilroy and tried a smaller, local bridal shop named Mafalda's. We are SO happy with our choice!

We were treated with respect and able to make our own decisions without feeling pressured. At the same time, we were also guided towards a variety of styles and designs that my daughter never considered because she didn't think would look nice on her. In reality, these gowns were truly stunning and each one she tried on was more beautiful than the next. It really opened up her mind to a new way of thinking about herself and her body. This may come as a surprise, but skinny girls have body issues too.

I think women and girls have a tendency to believe that it's easier for smaller people to pick a dress and walk away, but that's not the case. We were told by store staff that the average size of prom dress this year is 12. My daughter is 5' 3", about 100 pounds and living in the size 0 and 00 zone. She can't even find a dress to try on in her size, so forget about just grabbing one off the rack and walking away. In fact, the staff at Mafalda's were awesome about getting larger dresses clipped up tight enough to really give her a solid idea of how they would look on her in her true size.

The end result? She chose the very first dress she tried on when she walked into the store. A gorgeous, young, fun dress in a striking color that she wears extremely well. Sometimes having a unique dress at the prom can be a challenge when you live in a small town, but as luck would have it this happens to be a custom, one-of-a-kind dress. Bonus!

I can't thank Mafalda's enough for making this year's prom dress shopping experience enjoyable and positive in so many ways. After she said yes to the dress, we celebrated with dessert. Because why not.

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