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21 Day Fix: Week 2 Update and Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I hope that everyone celebrating, or remembering someone special, has a lovely day. Because it's Mother's Day this will be a short, but fabulous, post.

I have completed the first 14 days and just started week 3 of the 21 Day Fix today, which means I'm at the 2 workouts per day phase of the program. I have lost a total of 6 pounds, and have stopped measuring my body because I want to be surprised on day 21. The top I am wearing in the picture below is a size small and it fits again! I couldn't get into this outfit 2 weeks go! I know I have lost major inches. 

This last week at work was tough, as I had expected. With a few longer shifts, oddly timed breaks and an early 30 minute lunch, it was hard to eat every two hours - especially since I wasn't actually hungry during my break times. I often ended up taking a lot of my food back home with me after work, and caught up on eating once I was at home, usually after my workouts. Luckily, even though I work on my feet all day, I never felt hungry or exhausted. The workouts feel as if they are getting easier, but it's because I AM getting stronger. I feel great!

Yummy English Muffin Pizza. Recipe featured on my FaceBook group:

Yummy English Muffin Pizza. Recipe featured on my FaceBook group:

I'm looking forward to this final week of the program. Not because I am eager for it to end, but because I have followed the program to the letter and I can't wait to see what my results are. I have worked really hard, and I intend to put in the work necessary to achieve my fitness goals. 

A stronger, healthier me is just around the corner and so is my birthday! My long-term goal is to lose 20 - 25 lbs by my birthday (September), and with the 21 Day Fix, I am well on my way!

For now, I am going to go enjoy my Mother's Day dinner. NoTwitterTodd fired up the grill and made my favorites: chicken breast and veggie kabobs, accompanied by corn on the cob. Yes, this is all part of my meal plan.

Happy Mother's Day and happy, healthy living!

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