The One About the Coast

I love California. Not the California you're thinking of. Not the California with the recall election. Not the California governed by a Terminator. Not the California with a yearly 13% increase in median home prices. Not the California with crowded freeways & broken streets. No, not that California.

I love my Northern California.

The California with the ocean-side highway minutes from my house and a million miles from all my worries. The California with the cold, sweet breeze that whizzes by as you glide across the sand. The California with pumpkin farms overlooking the sea - calling to me every fall. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cider, pumpkin wine. A sweet, whipped cream covered smile.

The California with icy white foam-covered waves - daring you to tame them. Calling your name. My California, ripe with grape vines, fruity coastal wines, salt-water taffy, lobster rolls and beach-front memories. 

That's my California. The California I love! 

Heaven, thy name is Half Moon Bay