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I'm Jindy, a world traveling, race running, wine loving, Indian / Latina mom from California. I live an animated life with my very modern family. Flowers Croon is a whimsical travel & lifestyle blog where I share my adventures in food, travel, wine, fitness, style, entertainment and everything else. Y como soy Puertorriqueña, tambien escribo en español. 

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I'm available to attend your media events & FAM tours, collaborate on projects, review your products & hotel properties and much more! Estoy disponible para ir a sus eventos, colaborar en proyectos, reseñar sus productos y hoteles y mucho más.




sunrise and sea side


hearty laughs

hot showers and warm pajamas

mom, dad, sister

cousins, nieces, nephews

all the faces

all the smiles

scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner

manic mondays

my city by the bay


full moons

life, health, love

good days

rough days

arroz con ganduels

friends, family, food

i am thankful

for everything

Saturday Short: Airport Fun

Wordless Wednesday