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I'm Jindy, a world traveling, race running, Indian / Latina mom from California. I live an animated life with my very modern family. Writing and adventure are my passions. Flowers Croon is where I share stories from my travels, recipes and wine tastings, entertainment and sports fun and beauty and style tips. I hope to inspire, give back and entertain along the way. Y como soy Puertorriqueña, tambien escribo en español. ¡Gracias por su visita! Mahalo for visiting.

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Saturday Short: I found a new Tinker Bell

I decided to create a new category of posts for weekends when life is just too busy for a long - or even brief - post. Not only is this a work weekend for me, Starlight and NoTwitterTodd, but it is also Homecoming, my nephew's birthday & the Nike Women's Marathon.

Thus, the "Saturday Short" is born.

My first Saturday Short is brought to you by none other than Pink. This little teaser video is just a taste of her awesome performance in San Jose Tuesday night. Love her.

Dear Disneyland,

I found your new Tinker Bell.

You're welcome.


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