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I'm Jindy, a world traveling, race running, Indian / Latina mom from California. I live an animated life with my very modern family. Writing and adventure are my passions. Flowers Croon is where I share stories from my travels, recipes and wine tastings, entertainment and sports fun and beauty and style tips. I hope to inspire, give back and entertain along the way. Y como soy Puertorriqueña, tambien escribo en español. ¡Gracias por su visita! Mahalo for visiting.

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The Loss of a Brother & The Warmth of Friendship: How Writing Thank You Notes Helped Me Heal

On December 3rd my younger, healthier brother suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. It was a shock to my entire family, and each of us has spent the last few weeks grieving in our own ways. I choose to go dark here at Flowers Croon, and cancelled all scheduled posts for the entire month. I missed races, I didn't return phone calls, texts or emails and I stopped exercising, cooking and eating right. However, I never missed a day of work. Work provided sanity and an escape from the sadness.

The outpouring of love and support I have received since this great loss has been tremendous. As with all of life's most difficult situations, we learn who our true friends are during the lowest of times. Sometimes that support comes from the most surprising places, and sometimes the people you thought you could lean on completely disappear. These are lessons we must learn.

Flowers from my teammates

Flowers from my teammates

I have been surrounded by death and loss my entire life, but I have never personally been the recipient of sympathy cards, flowers, condolences, etc. in relation to the death of a loved one. In life we experience many firsts - some good, some bad, some sad. It is inevitable that someday you may have to sit down to write thank you notes for those who have sent love and support your way in the midst of tragedy. It was when I sat down to begin this process that I began to heal as well as realize who it was time to let go of in my circle of friends.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of my extended family, friends, teammates, fellow bloggers and virtual co-workers during this time. Your kindness and support after my brother’s sudden passing has been a tremendous help for me and my family. I’m so very thankful for your sincere condolences via cards, emails, phone calls, voice/text messages and in person. I am forever grateful for your thoughtfulness.

He was a wonderful father & husband. His family was his life. He taught us all something very valuable with his open heart, his purity & his love. He left his impression on the people he touched & I hope I make him as proud as he made me.

I am thankful for you brother. Thank you for shining your light in the world. This is just good bye for now. I know I will see you again someday. 

My brother and I

My brother and I

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