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Car Cache, my purse's new BFF!

At the ENMN Conference, I was provided with a free sample of the Car Caché and asked to take it for a test drive. Having just purchased a new compact car, I was super eager to try a new accessory - especially one that would hold my purse.

I’m always struggling to find a place to put my purse in the car. The passenger seat is usually taken by either my daughter, Todd, groceries, supplies, my uniform, food, mail - you name it! I often find myself putting my beloved purses on the floor and worrying them getting dirty or kicked. The absolute worst scenario is when I have a car full teenagers, and I either pinch my purse between my door and my left hip, or I place it on the center console where it is sure to fly off and empty itself all over my daughter’s friends. ALL of these situations are far from ideal and very distracting. That is what led Catherine Seifert to invent the Car Caché. I'm glad she did!

Armed with my instruction sheet I set out to install the Car Caché into my Ford Focus. Except, I didn’t even need the instructions! The Car Caché only requires 3 points of contact to be fully installed in your car:

1. Console: Pull the drawstring taut against the inside, back of your center console

1. Pull the drawstring taut against the inside of your center console.

1. Pull the drawstring taut against the inside of your center console.

2. Passenger's Headrest: Take the fastener on the left and pull it across the front of the passenger's headrest and attach it to the post closest to the door.

3. Repeat on the Driver's headrest with the fastener on the right.

2 & 3: Attach the fasteners to the headrests

2 & 3: Attach the fasteners to the headrests

Next, I adjusted the length of each strap and dropped in my precious Tinker Bell Dooney & Bourke. This pricey, limited edition bag is one of my favorites, and it kills me to place it on the floor mats.

Front view

Front view


Back view

Back view

What I absolutely love about this product:

  1. It blends right in. It is completely unobtrusive when not in use so I don’t need to remove it unless I want to use it in other cars.
  2. I can use it with big bags and small bags. All I have to do is adjust the strap length.
  3. It doesn’t matter how far back the passenger seat reclines, the straps on the Car Caché adjust easily and quickly. This is a huge bonus for me since I keep the driver seat close and upright, while my family tends to keep the passenger seat pushed further back and reclined. You can see that in the photos above
  4. My car feels less small, less claustrophobic and less cluttered. I actually feel like there is more room because my bag isn't awkwardly taking up so much space.

Bottom line: It is a real solution to a real problem.

The Car Caché is available in black (like mine) tan and faux leather. Pricing starts at just $19.99. I can't think of a better Mother's Day gift! Check it out on Amazon:

Disclosure: I was given this Car Caché to test and honestly review without compensation. I love it and I’m happily keeping it in my car! The link above is an affiliate link to Amazon. If you click it I will get credit for it.

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