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Skulpt Aim Review: Measuring Muscle Quality and Body Fat Percentage at Home

The Skulpt Aim takes measuring body fat to a whole new level. The device measures 24 different muscles on your body and analyzes their "MQ", or "muscle quality". Before using the Skulpt Aim I had never heard of this term, and upon further research I learned that MQ is a rating of your muscles’ fitness. This is one instance where the higher the number, the better. A high MQ score means you have lean, strong, and fit muscles. 

The device was made after a successful IndieGogo campaign in January 2014. That campaign set out with the goal of raising $100,000 in funding. By the time the fundraiser was complete the company had raised $396,885 in total funds.

Skulpt Aim kit

Skulpt Aim kit

The kit ships with the unit, a charging base, a charging cable, a carrying bag and a small bottle you use to mist the back of the unit with water when you're ready to take your measurements. 

Skulpt Aim at start-up 

Skulpt Aim at start-up 

I'm all about tracking my fitness, finding my weaknesses and measuring my success. So as soon as I received the device I eagerly got to work measuring myself.

Measuring Muscles

To measure your body's MQ score and fat %, the Skulpt Aim asks to measure four areas: biceps, triceps, abs, and quads on only one side of your body. 

The first thing you will need to do is download the Skulpt Aim app and set up an account with your basic information: height, weight, age, sex. The app is what really allows you to track your progress. For example, I took all of my measurements in April when I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme, and took them again when I was done with the program. 

The website and the app have videos which show you exactly how to measure each individual muscle. Mist the sensors with water and place the device on the muscle as indicated. When the sensors make a good connection, a light around the edge of the Skulpt Aim turns green and flashes. When it is finished measuring the light changes color and the Skulpt Aim displays the MQ (muscle quality) and fat percentage results. Do this for each muscle (I chose to do the entire body, both sides) and then sync the device to your app.

The Skulpt Aim asks to measure these 4 muscles for a report, but I measured them all

The Skulpt Aim asks to measure these 4 muscles for a report, but I measured them all

Here you can see the reading on the device right after I measured my right hamstring.

Skulpt Aim Muscle Reading

Skulpt Aim Muscle Reading

Below is the result of the reading of my left hamstring. You can see the difference in body fat % and MQ between the hamstrings. This seems accurate to me as my hamstrings are well conditioned, however the left leg is the one where I have knee troubles. It's definitely my weaker leg.

Skulpt Aim Muscle Reading

Skulpt Aim Muscle Reading

After measuring my entire body, and feeling really fat-shamed and out of shape, the app showed me my MQ for each muscle that I measured, front and back. Yellow means "average", green means "fit". Red, not one of my zones thank goodness, means "needs work".

My MQ Results (Front)

My MQ Results (Front)

But what about tracking your progress? This is where the device comes in handy. I was instructed to take my measurements at the same time - which I did - about 21 days after the first time. You can see here when I zoom into the results of my left bicep measurements in the app, that there is forward moving progress. My MQ in April was 99 and now it is 105. This is great because I see and feel the progress as well. I have also lost 9 pounds. Having back-up data is motivating, and proof that the 21 Day Fix Extreme worked for me.

Bicep Progress

Bicep Progress

However, when all of my calculations are taken into consideration, my MQ is considered only average. A real disappointment to me because I am working so hard at sculpting my body. Also, I haven't been able to figure out where to update my weight, so I don't know if that has something to do with this reading. In either case, it is motiving me to work harder so that my score can drop into the "fit" category.


The device measured my body fat at a whopping 37% whereas a body fat test performed by Kaiser for me just a week before returned my body fat test result at 27%, and my scale at home claims my body fat percentage is only 22%. I think it's safe to assume that both the body fat scale and Skult Aim are incorrect, since the Kaiser test seems more in line with what my body fat measurement has been since I've lost 25 pounds in the last year.

Bottom Line

Should you buy the Skulpt Aim? That depends on what your goals are. If you are trainer or an athlete gearing up to make extreme changes in your body - yes, you will benefit from this device. I intend on using it after each round of the 21 Day fix Extreme as well as in combination with my strength training regimen, since I am on a journey to really carve out my body. Skulpt Aim will be extremely useful to me in my journey.


  • Handheld, wireless device
  • Small size - even fits in my tiny hands
  • Forgiving - you can take measurements over and over until it seems accurate
  • Website instructions are helpful
  • Updates keep coming
  • App interface design is nice
  • Can be used by multiple users


  • Clunky interface and side buttons on unit take getting used to
  • No touch screen
  • I had technical issues and could not get the app to sync with the unit due to multiple versions of my own user name being created after updates. This resulted in a lot of wasted time taking measurements that just would not sync. Tech support helped me.
  • I still can't figure out how to update my user stats (height, weight, etc.) after starting an account
  • Battery takes a long time to charge

Where to Buy

If you are into fitness, you know you want it! Now what? You can buy the Skulpt Aim at The unit sells for $199 (USA) and ships for free with a 45-day money back guarantee. Again, if you are looking to make changes in your body, track your progress, measure yourself privately, or are a personal trainer, I definitely do think there is a benefit to owning this device. It's really great to have the power to take these measurements on your own at home. As far as fitness tracking apps and devices are concerned - this is one is its own category of cool.

I received the unit for the purpose of reviewing and sharing the review with my readers. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own.

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