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I began this blog in 2003 because I wanted a place to write about my somewhat crazy adventures in life as a woman, single mother and working professional. It was a fun place to get creative and vent. Anonymously. With a sense of humor & a healthy dose of realness I began sharing my stories and writing product and travel reviews. Somewhere along the way this natural, organic style of blogging blessed me with wonderful media and brand partnership opportunities. So in 2012 I dropped the anonymous site and started Flowers Croon and just a year later Flowers Croon won the Circle of Moms Top 25 Nor Cal Blogger honor. 

Many of my posts are NOT sponsored - they are my personal experiences, reviews, stories and thoughts. Sponsored and hosted posts are clearly designated as such in accordance with FTC guidelines. 

Disclosure: As a member of several blogging networks, and with a large reach, Flowers Croon is committed to remaining PR friendly while still being a real, honest and completely fabulous lifestyle blog. That is important to me because you are important to me. I appreciate my readers and will not engage in any sponsored events or activities that I don't believe in. My reviews are unbiased and honest and that the brands I choose to work with are brands I respect. My integrity is paramount. In accordance with FTC guidelines, each post that has been written based on a partnership or sponsorship has a disclosure, and many posts contain affiliate links. Affiliate links help me pay the college bills and I appreciate when you click on them. Mahalo!

I am open to discussing conference and running sponsorships, press trips, fam trips, product reviews, event, entertainment and local media coverage, fundraising and volunteer opportunities. My goal is to remain true to my writing and my readers while naturally building relationships and sharing brand awareness. Please feel free to contact me at jindy@flowerscroon.com.

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